"Mapping Women’s Everyday Lives in Revolutionary Marseille"
in Life in Revolutionary France

My research aims to provide a broader, local and regional geographic understanding of how revolutionary politics impacted the everyday lives of women in Marseille and the multiple spaces in the cityscape and beyond where revolutionary power relations transpired.

Mapping allows for understanding revolutionary uses and transformations of space in one of France’s largest urban environments and shows how women contributed to such transformations as well as how these spaces transformed women’s lives. Mapping also helps to render visible the breadth of women’s political engagement, its benefits, and its consequences. Mapping women’s revolutionary experiences in Marseille illuminates women’s impact on local and regional politics and also the impact of local and regional politics on women’s everyday lives, including those who fled the city during the Federalist rebellion in 1793 and those brought to Marseille by revolutionary politics

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Life in Revolutionary France

Life in Revolutionary France

Life in Revolutionary France

Edited by: Mette Harder and Jennifer Ngaire Heuer
To be published by Bloomsbury Press, 17 Sep 2020​.

The French Revolution brought momentous political, social, and cultural change. Life in Revolutionary France asks how these changes affected everyday lives, in urban and rural areas, and on an international scale.

An international cast of distinguished academics and emerging scholars present new research on how people experienced and survived the revolutionary decade, with a particular focus on individual and collective agency as discovered through the archival record, material culture, and the history of emotions. It combines innovative work with student-friendly essays to offer fresh perspectives on topics such as:

* Political identities and activism
* Gender, race, and sexuality
* Transatlantic responses to war and revolution
* Local and workplace surveillance and transparency
* Prison communities and culture
* Environmental justice
* Food, health, and radical medicine
* Revolutionary childhoods

With an easy-to-navigate, three-part structure, illustrations and primary source excerpts, Life in Revolutionary France is the essential text for approaching the experiences of those who lived through one of the most turbulent times in world history.


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