Current and Recent Teaching Courses

Investigate the dissolution of traditional societies in Europe and the emergence of modern ideology, from the Enlightenment through the French and Industrial revolutions to the period of internal strife and power politics at the end of the 19th century.

Addresses the changing role of women in the family, political economy and culture of various societies. Topics vary, for example, Women in History: Sex Roles in North and South America; Women in History: Women in China ; Women in History: Sex roles and Feminism in the United States.

This course covers the major political, intellectual, socio-economic and cultural developments in Europe from the sixteenth century to the Enlightenment. Key topics include absolutism, mercantilism, colonialism, constitutionalism, the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment.

Collective examination of a topic in depth. Students undertake a major research project utilizing historical skills. 

Provides advanced disciplinary training designed to prepare students to undertake independent historical research. Offers advanced instruction in historical research and writing through exercises in historigraphic analysis based on intensive collective studies of important events or themes in history. 

Introduces students to the theory and practice of history. Explore the major philosophies of history and review current trends in the field. Introduces students to disciplinary research, thinking and writing skills, including the use of library resources, the analysis and interpretation of primary and secondary sources, the forms of disciplinary composition, and documentation standards.

President Thomas Parham and Prof Laura Talamante CSUDH
CSU Dominguez Hills Department of History

Selected Teaching Highlights

History 400 Mini-Conference

French Revolutionary Studies: The impact and outcomes of the French Revolution in France and the Caribbean.

Family Traditions Cooking Project

History 301 Class Project

The Individual, the Family, & the Community in Historic Perspective: Family Traditions Cooking Project... [read more]

NEH Teachers Workshop

NEH Teacher Workshop - Landmarks in History

The CSU Dominguez Hills History Department, in partnership with the Dominguez Rancho Adobe Museum, offered a workshop aimed at enhancing elementary and high school teaching of American history. American History through the Eyes of a California Family, 1780s–1920s included Talamante's workshop presentation on the significance of the six Dominguez sisters and their impact on female property rights in 19th century California.

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